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Volvo newbie


New member
United Kingdom
What I Drive
2020 XC60 B5 (petrol) AWD Momentum
Hi all, I've recently ordered a brand new XC60 B5 AWD Auto Momentum and should be taking delivery at the end of November. Added a few extra packs to it as well.

Never owned a Volvo before so looking forward to jumping into a new manufacturer. Coming from a mainly Ford background with the odd Skoda chucked in.

Currently driving an A Class as my daily driver and the wife has a Skoda Karoq. The Volvo will be the new daily. I've always been interested in 'tweaking' things, mainly on my Fords using Forscan. I'm no stranger to adding reverse cameras utilising the OEM wiring and screens etc. On the Skoda I've used OBDeleven a lot to get the desired features enabled without paying dealer prices. I have no worries with long coding and hex values etc.

Is there any software I can use with Volvo? There isn't going to be a lot of stuff to activate really because I've gone quite big on extra spec.

Thanks for reading


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