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XC60 Turbo, DPF (Soot Filter), Exhaust Smoke


New member
South Africa
What I Drive
2013 XC60 D5 AWD Geartronic
I have recently had some trouble on my XC60 '13 D5 AWD, where I was unfortunate enough to lose a turbo. At that stage, sudden loss of power, high pitched whining above/behind the engine and me standing there clueless as to what could be the issue. As I was out of cellphone reception range, as well as warranty period for that matter, I carried on. I found that using the tiptronic, keeping the revs high, I could reach speeds of up to 140kmph again. About 30km further, I experienced even more power loss, followed by a thick white cloud of smoke billowing out of the exhaust. And when I say thick, I mean THICK. To the extent of traffic having to slow down to a crawl with their hazards on. Then after towing, research and quotes that watered my eyes, I've fixed the problem myself.

Turns out that I blew the turbo. Luckily the smaller one, of the two. The whining sound was the fins of the turbo's fan touching the sides of the housing, resulting in the screeching sound. Then, with my tiptronic, high revving madness, I've managed to blow the turbo's seal, that saw to all the engine's oil being sucked out through the exhaust. Still not knowing it was the turbo, I've refilled the engine with 5 litres of oil, which also, in a matter of seconds, was sucked out and ejected through the exhaust.

Long story short, I've rejected all quotes and decided to take on the challenge myself. I'm a IT Technician, but have some experience in all other fields. INTP. Got the turbo off, got it a kit and overalled the turbo. Back on again and it seemed to be working fine. Car was still in limp mode, due to Soot filter full issue. New DPF situated IN the exhaust costs more than what the turbo would've cost me if I went with the dealer's quote. Madness. After three weeks of exhaust smoke and almost 1000km's later, no more warning lights, no more smoke and a helluva powerful Volvo once again. Any questions, feel free to ask.