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remote start and climate XC60 inscription


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United States
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2022 XC60 Inscription
Purchased the XC60 b5 in south Florida, two weeks ago. Salesman promised that the car has remote start on the "volvo cars" app. It does, however it isn't the traditional remote start for the engine, it merely pre-starts the fan without air conditioner running, i.e. blows hot air. The "cars app" only refers to "climate" not "cooling". Along the same lines, while stopped at say a traffic light, the engine stops and so follows the air conditioner. This vehicle has the worst climate conditions that I've ever encountered in a luxury vehicle. It can go from very chilled to very uncomfortable hot while sitting in traffic. We understand and have the vents properly set as well as the temp..Key issues are the auto stop & start along with very poor thinking behind the "remote start". I live in south florida, I'm on portable oxygen, one lung while my wife has chronic problems with her thyroid regulating her body temp.

The sales staff says to wait for the program update. I'm very skeptical.