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Questions questions questions!


New member
Hello- so this is my first post, I hope I'm in the right place! I am doing research before I purchase an XC60.
If I could, here are some of my questions-
1. I am looking at a used 60, but would like to know the avg life expectancy of one. I can find lots of 60's with 100k miles on them, but it wouldn't do me much good if the life expectancy is say 150k-- with regular maintenance
2. What are the scheduled maintence mile markers?
3. If the scheduled maintence isn't done on time, does the engine shut down and not work until the maintence is done?
4. Have there been any issues that I should look for in a used 60?
5. Is there an age/mileage that owners start to see more frequent/expensive repairs?
*when you go to carcomplaints.com, there are reletively no complaints with this vehicle
6. Which model comes with (min) heated front seats? My husband is disabled and the heated seats help him.

That is all I can think of right now.
Thanks for yalls honest input! Juleeque
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