O2 Sensor wire lenght does it matter?

My wife was driving the car and ran over a small safety cone in a parking garage. After doing that the check engine light came on. The ODBC codes P0057,P0037,P0051, P0031 and my mechanic said it was the o2 sensors downstream. We believe the cone hit the wires as it went under the car. I replaced the two on the catalytic convers with NGK sensors. The sensors have specific plug types so I could not put the wrong ones on the wrong side. My issue is the replacement one for the drive side has a longer wire then the original. I pulled the battery cable to reset the check engine light came back on within 5 minutes. I spoke to the parts people and they say the o2 sensors sent are OEM equipment. I always thought the length was critical in the O2 sensor. Any comments/suggestions on what it could be?
When the check engine light came back on again did you check to see if it was throwing the same engine codes?