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Multiple Issues

United States
What I Drive
2010 VOLVO XC60 T6
My battery is new, 6 months old, bought at used lot in opp alabama. I have seen the last 3 years of maintenance on it from paper work the dealer got from last owner, had no issues flagged from the said certified volvo mechanic in ALL departments I have the paperwork as well. Did a VIN check except it has some very strange adnomalys.. One with the model engine being incorrect but I was just misinformed it is a t2 someone told me it was a t6 model engine and it also says I have 7 seats..and I have 5 seat as well as saying it's a station wagon.. Not SUV as VOLVO classified.. BUT Within the 6 months i developed the parasitic drain of the rdar/Sirius issue(unplugged power supply and pulled fuse as one forum suggested) I did so because my main display for GPS and climate went black (checked fuses,wiring and it requires no system updates amd cost me a Benjamin+ to hear it was NOT the black screen of death or system update) my driver side door lock mechanism FEll out doing 60mph and I repaired that myself, door worked fine then one day the door handle just won't engage the mechanism to unhinge the door but still allows Keyless entry to unlock doors, I have tried 3 separate times now to replace the part and have utterly failed, so has my mechanic who says something isnt right with the spacing and placing of parts based off volvos diagrams of the xc60 models, might i mention I have a certification in 2 auto models myself so most fixes are simple(thats a lie NOTHING is simple these days lol) and now the locking mechanism has yet again fell out.... In this time period i had the AWD system (went away after 2 days), the parking assist system, Maintenance system update and washer wiper fluid fluid low (have filled it, checked for leaks before and after replacing the reservoir and hosing) when activated the spray mist comes misting from out under the hood (when driving or sitting u can see it above the headlights and i do not have the headlight wash option btw and only one side sprays it flags me for low oil level monthly after month 3 but now almost now its bi weekly (have had a mechanic check for a oil leak and etc ($250 over all with oil change filter and fees and he found NO LEAKS or bad seals etc) headlamp update sporadically that goes away by the end of day,followed by the all to familiar this week DEAD battery at each stop which no battery charger and at times jump cables can start, which then flagged the SRS system update and disabled my airbags (real safe huh) also have checked site and forums in which the debate is 50\50 on of the dern things timing is chain or belt driven because its a metallic rattle which worsens when cooled off and better when warm but still on hard acceleration worsens which i immediately flagged as the timing tensioner or chain\belt but cant find anyone who wants to repkace the part..whicj btw altogether 1200 bigggins to fix if i goto volvo. Also it started cold idling extremely rough about month 2 in which it intermittently boiled black smoke out which strong smells of gas and oil (remember no leak) and has progressively gotten worse over the months although i replaced the MAF sensor which it coded 3 times. A month ago it coded missfire on 3 separate cylinders which it threw a code for the MAF which ahouldnt be bad yet. It now almost never starts without assistance of higher rpms for a minute or so before itll start a solid rough idle and stay running I have had all codes checked and items replaced or repaired amd nothing has fixed this issue. Im aware the timing chain can cause the rough idle. Rough start. Etc. But once again noone WITH IN reasonable distance wants to work on a volvo. My second newest issue started 2 weeks ago when a small wrinkling popping noise made me aware my cv joints may be bad but when I lookup volvo parts (not the actual volvo brand just the part that can supplmented/ passes/ etc that can replace it) to order it will not show any cv joints just the entire assembly and axle replacement ($700 just parts that aren't even volvo made i mean wtf come on)and today after testing someone else's volvo battery for a day and buying a jump pack was left stranded in a walmart parking lot in this whatever eather the south's having sweating with my fiance and 3 month old and had noone want or try to assist when THANKFULLY the only guy in the auto portion of the store(closed due to COVID ) happened by and went and got his jump pack and unsuccessfully tried to jump me but his (i think he said $600 dollar pack Wal-Mart had for them saod there was a back feed/grounded issue and while walking the vehicle checking fuses and etc discover 2 screws in my back driver tire (btw he checked as well and found no issues of the backfeed\ground nothing and it wasn't coded in the computer him nor the parts house detected it when battery testing) I absolutely LOVE MY XC60 and the nearest volvo wants over 3k to BEGIN to fix all together these issues... Can SOMEONE PLEASE FOR LOVE OFF ALL THINGS...help me with just a few of these issues. I have checked multiple forums and searched endlessly for answers to my problems and tried each suggestion but I cannot fix them. I as many others barely make it on my salary as a Linemen down trying to keep this fricken thing running at the same time ive lost count how much of poured into it trying ANY thing but now between my finances and the repairs and this being my only vehicle which I carry, support, and provide and etc and cannot afford a volvo mechanic to do it anymore. I have a few otherwise smaller and issues but my minds cloudy atm from stress. TYIA

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