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Air suspension problem 2018 D4


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New Zealand
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2018 XC60 D4 Inspiration
Hours after a warranty service I noticed the car at rest had ‘slumped’ several centimetres on the left (passengers’) side. It was returned to the service dept for investigation and it was ‘found’ that during the initial software update, the suspension ‘wasn’t properly calibrated’. The car was returned to me, and lo and behold I found the car slumped again after it had been parked overnight.
The car was collected again and has been with the service dept since Friday. It’s now Tuesday here. I received a call yesterday to say that they’d found a leak in an airbag, ‘possibly caused by a stone’. I find this idea astonishing. The car has done just under 11000km, and is driven solely on sealed roads. No issue appears until a service is done, the car driven 5km home and parked. Too much of a coincidence!
I’ve asked for a full written report before I accept the car back. A brief verbal report will not suffice.
I’m curious to know if others have experienced a similar suspension issue.
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