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2016 XC60 D4 Boot closing but not locking.


New member
United Kingdom
What I Drive
2016 XC60 D4 + 2013 V40 D2
Hi All,

We have a 2016 XC60 D4 and till now all has been well. The boot has now started to close as normal but does not pull the final half and inch and click to lock. It always used to electrically close and then you could see it pull the boot closed against the seals for the last half an inch then hear a click to lock. Now the boot closes on the button but gets to the seals and stops. It does not lock and only by noticing the boot open warning on the dash did I realise. I have checked the boot seals to ensure the are all seated correctly and not obstructing the boot and they are fine, I also read a post on here about removing the boot lock mechanism cover and making sure a small slide pin is in the correct place, it is, plus the lock seems well greased etc.

Does anyone have any idea why the boot would open and close fine but just not pull the final half inch and lock before I dare to go to Volvo.

Many thanks