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Soon to be new Volvo owner


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United States
What I Drive
2019 XC60 Inscription With polestar
On track to be a new and first time Volvo owner!! I started off my journey thinking I would just upgrade my 2016 Outback 2.5 Limited to a 2019 Outback 3.6R Touring, but I was very disappointed in the 3.6 peppiness. I guess its strong point is thats it adds a bi tmore steady power and proven engine. The Subaru has been good to me and would recommend the brand to anyone (maybe I should be sticking with it,lol) Then I saw the 2019 Acura RDX......very impressed and I am a huge Honda/Acura fan! All my lawn stuff is Honda and my Africa twin bike is a Honda. Have owned 3 Integras in the past as well. I quite liked the RDX advance model as it offers a lot of "stuff" at a fair price, 1 can easily make an argument its a better value than the XC 60. My wife did not like it at all,I mean pretty much hated it!! She hated the track pad for the entertainment system and found it loud and didn't consider it to be a luxury car (in her opinion) So I kept looking. Test drove a Lexus 350....Audi Q5....Al nice,but no love. Then we test drove a Volvo XC60 It was nice, really liked everything, but it was missing the peppiness I desired. More research and found there was a T6. Emailed the sales guy and asked him if we test drove the T5 or T6.....he said it was a T5. Went back and test drove a T6 and it fit the bill! And that 1 had the massaging seats!! SOLD!! Have had an interesting buying experience.....Some dealers didnt really want to deal at all.....some low balled my Subaru.....Some took very little off the MSRP.....then I found a car coming in at the end of Dec. 1 dealer would only take $2000 off MSRP another the same...I replied back to 1 saying it had a few items I didnt need and offered a price on it..didn't return my email! Funny thing is, I got the car for much cheaper than I offered them!! Ended up with a 2019 XC60 T6 Inscription AWD, Denhim blue exterior, Charcoal Nappa seats,Advance plg, heated steering wheel/back seats,driftwood inlays, 20" tires, front/rear splash guards, air suspension and polestar. Now its just a waiting game, as its suppose to be in middle to late December. My only concern now is...did I pick the right colour!!! The white looks sharp....so does the blond interior, but I am kind of a clean freak and I felt 5 yrs down the road, they would look a bit more worn than the charcoal....esp the white portion on the steering wheel! Wife is making me sign paperwork that I am keeping this car for like 10 yrs,lol
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