Looking into the 2018 XC60

I myself have a 2012 GMC Terrain. I?m pretty much looking at the 2018 XC60 right now. But I just have sooo many questions about it. I know the vehicle just barely came out just like the 2018 Terrain did. I do realize both are different luxury level vehicle. I just kinda want to know how are the reliability in Volvo?s in general? I know the XC60 barely came out so I?m aware there will always be some kind of glitches and all on first year vehicles in general. Also would you prefer a T5 or T6? I?m thinking of either a momentum or inscription. R design are out just because I don?t like the fact that it?s own available in black interior and I have bad experiences in black interior. Another thing I want to know is is it quiet? Does it have laminated side windows or tempered? The last Is the bowers and Wilkins sound system worth the $3200 in the XC60? Not too sure if anybody here will post something since it looks pretty spotty in terms of posts wise lol but any comments or post would help! Thank you!
We also have an '18 on order, my wife and I currently have a '16 XC90 and we absolutely love it. If you can afford the B&W sound system I would highly recommend it, we have it on ours and it's day and night over the standard system. Sadly, the laminated window options aren't available on the 60 or 90.
I just wasn?t sure if there is night and day differences in the Volvo for laminated glass and tempered. I know if you compare a a tempered glass in something like a chevy Malibu to something laminated from a Buick then there?s night and day differences in quietness and all. Just wasn?t sure for Volvo assuming that Volvo?s are pretty good in insulation to keep it quiet?
Good afternoon I’m rpevans1 and just joined today. I am planning to purchase an 2018 t5 momentum the end of July and was wondering if there are anything particular I should be aware of. I’m thinking of the vision and convenience packaged. Thanks
Hi! I am thinking the same, convience and vision package. Also, wondering what incentives people are getting for 2018 since the 2019’s are already on the lots....
I was offered $4400 off of a t6 inscription with convenience, vision, heated seats wheel and black headliner and sport wheel. I?m thinking about taking it. I think it?s $750 off the invoice price.
I got the t6 inscription in July after some more dealing. All in all I got $1,250 off the invoice. It’s crystal white Black interior black headliner with convenience and vision packages heated seat steering wheel 20” wheels.