Electrical Issues i.e. charging


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Hi I am new to the forum.

I have 2004 XC90 T6

I have recently had a couple of issues.

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada

Recently a couple of times when Temp. got down to -26*C I was unable to start my car without a boost if I left it for more than a day without running.

More recently I have had several warning lights(brake failure) coming on to the point I had driven app. 40 -50 kms and stopped to answer a couple of calls and emails and was unable to start again.

When I boosted the vehicle I was still unable to start it cranked over but I felt it wasn't getting fuel.
I didn't have any low battery or alternator warnings so I towed the car home and put the battery on charge over night and it started right away.

Should I be looking at replacing the alternator or the battery or both?