Picked up our 2016 XC 90 yesterday. Overall a terrific car. Braking, lack of road noise and quality of sound system (not B&W) are stand outs. As I suppose one should expect with an all-new model, I've already experienced several systems that intermittently don't work: cameras, load level control in rear hatch, parking assist (turns on by itself and other times wants to park perpendicularly in a parallel spot) and Start/Stop. I expect a software update will remedy and hope it comes soon. Anyone else having similar issues?


We are still waiting for ours, but like most new cars, a software update will fix most bugs.
Yeah I picked mine up last week and have had similar problems. Some of it I chalk up to not knowing how the features work. In two cases, things just seemed to get stuck and clear after leaving it alone for a couple of hours. That was the mirrors getting out of sync, and the sun shade not opening.

But right now I can't activate on call, connect to the internet, or get my sirius ID. I can't download apps or update the software. It won't connect to wireless or use bluetooth internet. I was told it needs a software update and I have to take it in for service.

I also get park assist warnings while I'm driving in traffic. Perpendicular park assistance never activates. And I've had several messages saying a parking sensor needs to be serviced.

This is not a good start for my first volvo.

Anyone have any advice? I can't get a service appointment for a week.
Same problem with the camera that stops and indicate service maintenance needed, and sensors malfunctioning and delay in the sound of the sonar for obstacles. that complicated my day to day. No possibility to upgrade and connect to Internet. Volvo on call not available in Morocco. Except of this bugs I travelled 3000 km and the car responds positively to my expectations. Different from the XC60.
I do not have my T8 yet (ordered in June due in January), however, I experienced several problems with the park assist while test driving a T6 with the dealer. 1) It had several problems locating a perpendicular parking space. It took many tries until it recognized an open space. 2) It would not park in a 45 degree angled parking space at all (I guess it has to be parallel or perpendicular only). 3) When I parked in a perpendicular slot that was extremely wide, it did not park in the middle of the space, instead choosing to park very close to a car on one side of the parking space while staying far away from the other side which had nothing next to it. 5) The dealer told me that I could use park assist to exit from a perpendicular parking space. We tried this on the dealers lot and the car wanted to run into the car next to us. I had to override it or else it would have hit the vehicle next to us. This may have been an error on the dealers part. Since then I went back and looked at the online owners manual and it said it would only exit from parallel spaces. This was my first time in the XC90 so I am hoping these problems are fixed or were some user errors on my part and the dealers.
I am ready to give up on this car. I have been a Lexus owner since 1992 and this is my first Volvo since 1984. I cannot begin to tell how disappointed I am with a fully loaded 66,000 dollar car. First, the key sometimes locks the door and sometimes it doesn't. The Nav system is ridiculously unreliable and until the first update was miles off course. Collision alert system has given three heart stopping false alarms. The wave the foot under the rear gate works once every 20 times. The memory positioning for settings sometimes remembers and sometimes doesn't. After the first software update, the SRS system, headlights, anti lock brakes and collision alert system all stopped working while I was driving. Today, I had a 5 hour drive without any audio as the entire system (including turn signal sound) went out. The car has 10,000 on it and I am seriously considering selling it right now. Great ride. Absolute joke for everything else.